…and where did October go?

The halfway point of the semester has come and gone too swiftly…Fall Break always ends so fast. And it makes October go by so quickly too. September stretched on on, but I blinked and October is now half-over.

While many students choose to leave campus for a few days during Fall Break, I stayed in Tacoma. My Dijon study abroad program had its “25 + 1” anniversary weekend. 26 generations of Dijonettes were present in the Rotunda last Saturday night, and it was a lovely evening of music, reminiscing, and French cuisine. I enjoyed learning more about the history of the program as well as hearing stories of how it has influenced so many people’s lives. There was so much appreciation and love in the room. I consider myself so lucky to have been able to participate in such a culturally rich program. It made me miss everything about France more!

The best part of the weekend, by far, was getting to spend time with the woman who runs the Dijon program in France, Nathalie. Our group had so much fun showing her around Tacoma, telling her about our classes and our plans for the future, sharing meals with her again like we did every week in France. It was the perfect reunion. It was so sad to say goodbye to her again, but I managed to keep it together and not weep like I did when we said goodbye in France. I know I will be back in France one day. It is just a question of when. Europe and I could never be separated for too long.

When I wasn’t spending time with my 2011 Dijonettes, I was in the library writing papers. That part of Fall Break was not so fun. In between all the socializing and the writing, I managed to squeeze in a professional massage. I think it was enough time to catch my breath before running full speed ahead again into the semester.

In other news, I saw a Christmas themed commercial on TV today, and it’s not even Halloween. This does not assuage my sense that time is rushing by at unstoppable pace. As a senior, you want to slow down and consciously process and enjoy your college experience because each time you do something, it might technically be the last…but it’s hard to remember that philosophy at 2 in the morning when you’re trying to think of something intelligent to argue in your French essay.

On that note, my bed awaits me. À bientôt!

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