Quick thoughts about DC

In a lot of ways, Washington DC is just like Washington state.

Here are just a few examples:

1. There is a Takoma here in DC.  My aunt and uncle live there, as well as Patrick and Emily Schneider’s aunt (she saw me on the streets wearing my Puget Sound shirt… she says “hi!”).  There is also a Mount Rainier, but I haven’t been there yet, and I’m assuming it’s not as great as ours.

2. I live on the George Washington University campus, and there is a Sigma Chi fraternity house just down there street.  They sit out in front of their house shirtless almost every day… just like at Puget Sound!

3. DC is bigger than Puget Sound (no way, right?), but I don’t feel disconnected or lost-at-sea.  I see people I know around campus, I run into other interns I know on the street, and there are always friends close at hand.

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