Life After Abroad – The Future

So I studied abroad and now I am back. For the ‘Abroad Life’ posts (which may be more interesting) see the Adventures Abroad site. For what in the world I am doing with my life now stay tuned.

People often ask me, “so how was the transition?” To answer you all, it was fine. It is hard to say whether my harder moments are part of the transition or simply my junior year, new house, quitting crew, and the pressure of the future that seems to be slowly pressing in. I purposefully did not go to a colloquium about graduate school for psychology majors because I thought it would freak me out too much. I did recently attend a fellowships/scholarships meeting or rather a ‘how to get me back traveling again’ brainstorm. Although this got me excited for the possibilities, the future will take a lot of work. And that <——- over there that word in italics is going to be the subject of this post.

So how am I preparing for the future? I go on bike rides. But really, this is preparation. Questions about summer plans came up in January: should I stay in Tacoma? Reasearch psychology? Apply for my own research? Get a radio internship? Go to Montana, not pay rent? Work as a barista? Great options, right?! But when my friend mentioned she was going to bicycle tour around British Columbia en route to Alaska I decided I was game. I am now actively searching for a fishing job in Alaska from June 15th ish until August 5th ish if you know anyone that is looking for crew please, I beg you, give them my name. My other options are cannery positions (16hrs a day, standing in one place, smelling nothing but fish) or something touristy. After talking with so many people about jobs in Alaska that my head is constantly spinning it seems the common recommendation is get to Alaska and figure it out from there. Now my easy-going ego is battling my money-conscious ego. Follow your heart right? You are only young once? When else could I do this? These are my excuses for my choice. The problem is my heart is in many places and when else do I have the opportunities like a summer research grant and undergraduate internships? Well my decision has been made.

So I am biking some. Probably not as much as I should be for someone embarking on hours upon hours on a saddle. But let me tell you my thoughts are quite pre-occupied with Alaska Dreamin’. Then there’s my bluegrass radio show I co-host with my biking partner Wednesday mornings at 7am! Tune into THE SOUND, there is no better way to start your morning. I also decided to be an outdoor leader and go through that training, as well as an orientation leader. I have started writing articles for The Trail in hopes that I can eventually write my own column reviewing KUPS radio shows. I’m working in the Office of the President (man I love saying that). Sometimes I even get to babysit and dog sit two wonderful families. If this is starting to sound a little much, it is for me too. This involvement may be in the name of my future but really I think I’m trying to stay busy so that I don’t think too much about how much I miss my experience abroad.

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