Crunch Time

Well guys, we’re reaching the end of the semester. In approximately 1 final, 4 papers, and the final draft of my thesis, I’ll be graduating! I’m in crunch time now. So crunchy, in fact, that I’ve begun resorting to study aids such as Rainymood and Written? Kitten! as well as copious amounts of tea and coffee to help me get things accomplished. I’m still on the hunt for a post-graduation job, but attempting to get all my work done, while holding a job, trying to have a social life/enjoy my last day of college, and job hunt at the same time has proved to be incredibly overwhelming. And while my Thanksgiving break was superb and much needed, it still didn’t relieve all of my stress. My poor mother has received more than one over-dramatic and teary phone call from me in the past few weeks, because not getting enough sleep and having more work than ever is never a good combination; it basically turns me into a land mine, where the smallest, most unimportant thing will set me into hysterics.

In other news, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much I’ve enjoyed receiving my education at Puget Sound. It really is a lovely place. I’ve been wandering around taking pictures in the rain, and I’d love to wander around and take some in the chilly sunshine that is gracing us today, I’m living in the library. I am a library-dwelling creature now, and this desk is my new home. Because of this, I must get back to the piles of work I have. Wish me luck!

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