Cue The Nostalgia

9 days until Relay For LIfe. 13 days until the Last Day of Classes. 22 days until Finals are over. And 24 days until Graduation. Can you feel the nostalgia kicking in already?

I’ve said all year that, when May 15th comes, I won’t go kicking and screaming. I think that college is 4 years for a reason. It’s not to say that I have not LOVED every moment at Puget Sound, or that I won’t miss everyone here… but I’m also so excited for the next stages. I’m still in the process of applying for admissions jobs, so I’m not totally sure where I’ll be next year, but I’m excited for it! I’m looking forward to having my own office, cooking my own food, decorating my own apartment, and making more friends in a new city.

But, as I usually do when I’m nearing the end of any experience, I’ve been thinking a lot about what exactly makes Puget Sound so special. It’s a trait – or a feeling – that is difficult to put into words because it has everything to do with the people on this campus. I can tell stories about doing the crossword with our professor in class, or impromptu trips to Sonic for slushies late at night with friends, or the audience’s standing ovation at the end of last week’s Concert Band & Wind Ensemble concert. These things don’t quite tap into the passion that connects all of the students on campus. There’s something – a love for this place and these people – that make us more than just a campus of 2,600 people. It makes us a community of learners and people who want to improve the world around us.

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