Slater Natural History Museum. Museum-1 Assistant

Hey! So, I am back again. This time with a blog about…me, I guess. or rather, where I work on campus. I have been spending all four years of my education here at UPS working as a work-study student for the Slater Museum of Natural History (I actually shuffle those four words around quite a bit). What do I do there, you ask?

Well, I’ve ended up doing a lot of things. Any sort of monkey leg-work or tedious two hour tasks that need to be done, such as tying data tags to bird specimens. But, I don’t know how interesting that is, (mostly because I have already lost interest in talking about it). This all aside, what do I do most of the time? I skin birds! Or, I could say, I work on specimen preservation (but that’s only for when we are eating and someone asks over the dinner table).
We skin birds and stuff them with cotton and sew them up and dry them out and tag them and freeze them (to kill off any annoying little buggies) and then put them away in the rows and rows of specimens the museum holds for anyone who might think of some clever study which demands access to the library of information stored in the skins. Was that a run-on sentence? possibly.

At any rate, the rest of my blog entry follows in the form of pictures and my commentary for them. please enjoy! (Note, if you’ve followed me on facebook, then this will be entirely boring and old news. yes, I recycle old material. But I have a new audience now!)

also, I feel this goes without saying, but if you have questions, go ahead and e-mail them to me at

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