Ron Thom: Where did the sun go?

Ron Thom’s magic did not last long this year because the rain has already graced us with its presence. In all the years I have been here, I have remembered September to be a fairly decent month. In terms of the weather, at least. Although rain is conducive to studying, I am not quite sure I am ready to say goodbye to the sun. I had to put the good ole fenders on my bike last week, after having been sprayed (more than once) with water rolling off my tires. Don’t get me wrong, I like the rain. I wouldn’t live in the Pac NW or go to school here, if I didn’t. But I’m just saying that September is too early to see the Uggs and NorthFace fleece jackets roaming around campus. But alas! The forecast for this week is mostly sunny! Whatever will Puget Sound students do with themselves? “Study” on the lawn? I’m positive of this:)

Regardless of the weather, fall semester is certainly in full swing. If I’m not mistaken, we are entering the fifth week of classes and I know some students who have midterms next week! I know everyone says this but every year seems to go by faster and faster. And when you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of the week, you don’t wish for anything more than the weekend. I know I feel that way. I think about my weekend plans on Monday and dread the rest of the remaining week, but somehow Friday always rolls around and I don’t quite know how I got there. I guess I would describe it as the “weekday coma.” It’s that feeling when you drive somewhere but you don’t remember how you got there. It’s kind of scary but it happens every week.

I really wish the week wasn’t like this; where is speeds by so fast you don’t know where the time went because you were so darn busy that you filled every spare moment of time. I want to remember my senior year and not be like, “Where did the time go?” Unfortunately, that is the way it has been going. I have filled my days with so much activity that down-time makes me anxious and I question whether I am forgetting to do something. Therefore, I am challenging myself and anyone (anyone reading this blog?) who feels like time is zipping by, to cherish these college moments. They are probably some of the best ones of your life. Even the late nights in the library, the thesis class that kick your butt, and the meetings that cramp your personal/social life by being scheduled at the most awkward times of day. In combination with the epic nights and adventures with friends, these are the moments you want to enjoy and not be disappointed by at the end of the year that you did not fully appreciate in the moment.

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