A Thursday Night Snapshot

Who: Alayna, a 21-year-old student who loves the many, many, many campus activities she’s involved in SO MUCH, and who is just starting to grasp the fact that she’s actually a senior in college.

What: A bit of an almost-end-of-the-week decompression, which consists of Chinese food from Safeway (something that I really shouldn’t be spending my money on since I have a meal plan… but sometimes my taste buds just can’t handle the same SUB food over and over) and watching last night’s Top Chef finale on Hulu in my room. Oh, bliss…

When: After the Summer Research Poster Session/Symposium. Before studying for my Biochemistry and Personal Finance quizzes tomorrow. Right as the sun is setting beautifully over the Sound.

Why: Why am I decompressing? Because I seem to have scheduled myself silly this week and need some time to sit on my bed and not think about anything but the delicious food the Top Chefs are making. Why am I about to study? Because my professors demand a lot of me (and all of their students), and I really want to learn this material before the quizzes tomorrow.

Where: Gamma Phi Beta, a Greek house full of incredible women, 34 of which joined last spring and who I am loving getting to know. University of Puget Sound, a campus full of passionate students and teachers and citizens who simultaneously balance challenging academics with more community involvement than I can explain. Tacoma, a city with a rough exterior, but a friendly and gorgeous interior. Washington, a state that has nearly every outdoor landscape imaginable while hosting a major city full of outstanding entrepreneurs.

Just your typical college Thursday night, I suppose…

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