This is my first post and I am really excited! So I will tell you all a little about myself.
My name is Maureen and I am from the grand state of Oregon! I went to private schools up until high school, and I played water polo, ski raced and swam. My father is a Puget Sound alumni and so is my older cousin. So I am happy to carry on the tradition. I am a politics and government, comparative sociology double major and looking to go to law school soon after graduation. I am also a member of Alpha Phi sorority and RDG.
I love coming back to school and seeing wide eyed freshman embarking on a journey I took three years ago, as much as I love the idea of graduating this year I miss the feeling of new experiences everyday and living in the dorm. Well maybe I don’t miss that too much.
This semester is going to be insane, with 2 thesis classes, working, sorority and club commitments. But I love staying busy and enjoy that Puget Sound offers so many ways to get involved.
So I have made a list of things I need to do before I graduate so here they are, it will expand as the year goes on and I will update to let you all know what I have accomplished
1) Go to Presidents house dinner
2) Hike near/around Mt. Rainer
3) Kayak in the Sound
4) Go up the space needle again
5) eat a hamburger and fries in the sub….yes I have NEVER eaten a burger and fries there!
6) Go the the Puyallup fair
7) meet people in my year I don’t know
8) Go skiing in Washington. more than once
SO hopefully some of these things will be accomplished and I can feel like I left Puget Sound really doing all the things on my list. Its a Puget Sound bucket list, if you will.
So best of luck to everyone on classes, study hard!

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