When Adelaide Beeman-White ’20, double major in History and Environmental Policy & Decision Making, visited CES for help with a summer internship search, she had two priorities: to locate a role in her home state of Maine, and to find work that fit with her commitment to environmental issues. A targeted search with those goals in mind uncovered opportunities with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

CES: What does your role as Emissions Outreach Specialist entail?

AB:  I have two main jobs. One of them is to do emissions outreach to retailers of wood stoves and pellet stoves in the state of Maine. I drive around to stores that sell wood stoves and pellet stoves and remind them of the emissions regulations, and of the regulations against wood pellets. I am not enforcing any of the rules, just reminding people what the rules are.

The other big part of my job is to edit Tech Docs, which are essentially operator’s manuals for various machines; Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which are a more generalized version of a Tech Doc; and Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs), which are sort of like rule books for how various parts of the department should be run.

CES: What is a typical day like?

AB: If I am doing outreach, my entire day is spent driving around the state in a government car talking to people about wood stoves. If I am in the office, most of my day is spent at the computer, with brief breaks every two hours or so to stretch my legs. If I have a meeting, I will go to that. I work from eight a.m. until half-past four p.m. Lunch is at noon.

CES:  What have you most enjoyed about the experience?

AB: I love doing the outreach. It is so much fun to be able to see so many parts of the state that I have not seen before. It is also a treat to be able to meet so many interesting people.

CES: What was most challenging about the experience?

AB: The Tech Docs, SOPs, and QAPPs are all written in a rather dry, legal way, which can at times make it difficult to concentrate on them.

CES: What advice do you have for Logger students?

AB: Use CES. I would not even know about this internship, let alone have gotten it, were it not for their help.

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Photos provided by Adelaide Beeman-White
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