We asked the Class of 2018 to share insights—Logger to Logger—about their career development process. They haven’t been gone from campus for very long, but their perspective from that very next stage can be useful to Logger students who are still in the midst of their college years—exploring options and making plans for their own futures.

Gabrielle E. Green ’18
Behavior Technician
Connections Behavior Planning and Intervention

How did experiences during your time at Puget Sound contribute to your career path?

During my four years at Puget Sound, my work with CES, leadership opportunities in RDG, and my relationships with professors all heavily contributed to my current career path. 

I was fortunate to take part in two different career development classes—one general and one psychology-focused class. They were tremendously helpful to my career search—teaching me how to use job search engines more efficiently and helping me create resumes and cover letters that I was proud of. Combined with the job search practice and ongoing resume workshops, I felt prepared when sending out resumes to companies that interested me.

CES’ mock interviews helped me become comfortable with both predictable and unpredictable interview questions. I also gained familiarity with my strengths and how to talk about them professionally. Going into the interview with my current company, I felt confident and prepared to talk about my strengths, weaknesses, and personal goals for the role—thanks to my mock interviews. 

My leadership roles in RDG not only added to my resume, they also gave me experience working with different-sized groups and coordinating with a team to put on multiple amazing shows. I gained a variety of skills from these roles that I use in my job everyday. 

One of the most valuable things my Puget Sound professors conveyed to me was how to draw on my individuality and strengths. Their confidence in me and in my future helped me gain confidence in myself, and I’m very grateful for that. I left Puget Sound confident in my ability to find the perfect job. 

I now work as a Registered Behavior Technician with a company called Connections Behavior Planning and Intervention. We do ABA therapy with children who have autism, in home and clinic-based settings. I hope to eventually go to school for my BCBA and further my practice in ABA therapy. 

Photo courtesy of Gabrielle Green
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