We asked the Class of 2018 to share insights—Logger to Logger—about their career development process. They haven’t been gone from campus for very long, but their perspective from that very next stage can be useful to Logger students who are still in the midst of their college years—exploring options and making plans for their own futures.

Tehva Kastel Riggan ’18
Sales Development Representative

What did you learn or what insights did you gain during your work with CES advisors that contributed to your career path?

CES played an integral role in the four-year journey that eventually lead me to getting a job at one of the best companies to work for in Washington.

It was only by beginning the process of developing a career that I became aware of all I did not know. CES was quick to fill the gaps. They provided the perfect balance of breadth and depth, hard skills and soft skills, calmness and urgency. The advisors worked with me every step of the way— from getting my first internships, and helping me define my interests, to finding the career paths that matched those interests.

Through events like Career Fair and ASK Night, I gained confidence in connecting with new people and began to build my network. It was because of my past work experience and networking that I got my current job.

Photo courtesy of Tehva Kastel Riggan
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