You’re already on your career path. Everything you do during your time at Puget Sound has the potential to impact your future career choices.

You never know where ideas about your future might pop up. More ideas will filter through, however, when you’re actively paying attention.

At CES we suggest putting on your metaphorical “career cap” as you start the year and go through your normal routines.

So what does that mean?

When I was an undergrad, I had to take a class that introduced me to the services and resources on campus. One day the campus career counselor visited class to tell us about what her office could do for students. I perked up because, like many others, my goal was to get a job when I graduated.

What I remember thinking as she spoke was “I want her job. I think I’d enjoy advising students.”

As a Psychology major, the only thing I knew for certain about my future career was that I didn’t want to be a Psychologist. But that day I learned there was another possibility—something I’d never considered—and it opened up an entire world of options to me.

From that initial moment of interest I explored all kinds of career paths in higher education, considered myriad alternatives to counseling, and eventually landed in the right graduate degree program to help me pursue that direction. I tried a few related roles through internships, graduate assistantships, and professional positions, but eventually I landed here at Puget Sound doing career advising and loving the work.

Putting your career cap on is easy—it’s just paying attention to those internal cues and taking action. If you hear about a career that sounds exciting, or meet somebody in a role that intrigues you, find out more. Notice those ideas that make you perk up and see what happens when you follow the lead.

Whether this is your first or final year at Puget Sound, it’s time to put on your career cap!

Photo: Alana Hentges
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