As a career advisor, one of my favorite tools is the annual Book of Lists published by the local business journal. It provides insight into the local job market that isn’t easy to find online—and the ability to identify employers by type, size, rate of growth, or even philanthropic activities is invaluable.

It’s one of my go-to resources that I reference almost every day as I work with Puget Sound students, and it just got easier to use…

You now have access to the Business Journals (and their Book of Lists) for 40 different cities across the country and—most importantly—it’s all online!

Here are some examples of how Puget Sound students have used this resource:

  • A sophomore considering a Molecular Biology major researched the list of local Biotechnology firms to learn more about the field.
  • A junior looking for internships in Minneapolis found a list of arts organizations to approach.
  • A senior wanted to find a feminist marketing agency in San Francisco, so she scoured the list of women-owned business in the bay area for further research.
  • A recent grad moving to Denver after graduation looked at the lists of fastest-growing employers to know who to contact first for opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for marketing firms, non-profit organizations, or exploring the “Best Places to Work” lists, you’re likely to find useful information. You also have access to the Business Journals themselves, an incredible tool to stay on top of what’s going on in the job market.

You can access the Business Lists resource 24/7 through Cascade, on the Career and Employment Services menu. Check out this new resource for yourself!

Photo: Kris Hay
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