Myths about CES and career development abound. How many of the following urban legends have you heard?

“CES is the acronym for Cat Enthusiast Syndicate” FALSE!

Despite certain (ahem) evidence to the contrary—or the fact that Kevin Nguyen ’09 works at the home of lolcats, I Can Has Cheezburger?— CES does in fact stand for “Career and Employment Services.”

Besides. We like goggies too!

“CES is only for business majors.” FALSE!

CES has resources for every major. It’s true that the world of business is highly adept at making the most of Career Fairs, on-campus recruiting, and networking activities. At the same time, fields like science and art are more likely to conduct hiring in less visible ways.

Regardless of your major, CES can assist you. Just ask!

“CES is a placement center.” FALSE!

CES does not “place” students in jobs and internships. Career development is like your Puget Sound education. It isn’t something that is handed to you. It is something you become. It takes time and effort, and no one else can do it for you.

While CES won’t just hand you a job at graduation, we are rooting for you! Also, we can point you to resources, talk through career issues with you, and help you prepare to seek opportunities and successfully compete. So use us!

“I don’t need to think about career issues until I’m a senior.” FALSE!

Students who wait until senior year to begin contemplating career options are just setting themselves up for Senior Freak Out*.

When it comes to figuring out what you want to do after college, building experience and a network of contacts, or developing job-search skills, procrastination is not your buddy. Take small steps early, and avoid Senior Freak Out. Read advice from the class of 2011 on this very topic.

Plus, CES has great resources for identifying and competing for part-time, seasonal, and summer jobs and internships while you are still in school. Does your internship application require a resume? Is the summer employer you’re considering holding interviews? CES can help! Just ask.

*Senior Freak Out is the extreme state of stress/panic/desperation experienced upon reaching senior year and feeling completely unprepared to move on to life beyond Puget Sound. You want to avoid it if at all possible. Srsly.

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