Week of Blogging: Post 5 of 7

Hey everyone – if you’re just checking in, I’ve decided this week to post a blog a day in the spirit of capturing day-to-day life at Puget Sound. Check out my daily posts here – there will be one a day until at least next Sunday. Enjoy!

Today was so busy that I almost forgot to blog! I’m going to keep this one short because I have a test in my British Literature class tomorrow and I’m hoping to get some sleep after a week of going to bed late.

I was up late last night finishing the iPhone app I’ve been talking about. Now that the deadline for it’s completion is past I can officially talk about it. The app is for the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) student scholarship. Every year, Apple puts on the WWDC for Apple developers and the media. It’s where Apple gives the annual keynote address and announces new products, too. Tickets are fairly expensive for students, plus this year the rumor is that they sold out in 2 minutes! But Apple reserves 150 tickets for student scholarship winners. This year, to apply for the scholarship you had to make an iPhone app in about a week and answer a few essay questions. Since the deadline came up so quickly, I spent most of the week working on the app. The app is supposed to be about you – basically your app development resume in app form. I was up late last night putting on the finishing touches, and after some minor scrambling today I submitted it well ahead of the deadline. Now I wait to hear in mid May on whether I get to go to the WWDC this summer!

I spent the rest of the day doing some tasks at the Writing Center. I had two hours of appointments, and I met with a professor to chat about a peer review session I’ll be helping out at next week. I submitted a proposal to the National Conference on Peer Tutoring and Writing yesterday with another advisor, and I tried to enjoy knowing it’s now out of my hands (as I frantically tried to work on my other conference application before the 5 pm deadline!).

Plus I had homework to catch up on – I got some programming work done, prepared for a test, and did a lot of reading. Things are just going to get busier this weekend, and then there’s finals! But then it’s summer in just (!) two weeks almost.

Well, time to do some last minute studying then hit the sack early. Three more blogs to go for my week of blogging projects – stay tuned!

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