A Week of Blogging: Post 3 of 7

Hey everyone – if you’re just checking in, I’ve decided this week to post a blog a day in the spirit of capturing day-to-day life at Puget Sound. Check out my daily posts here – there will be one a day until at least next Sunday. Enjoy!

My quest to blog once a day for a week brings to mind a memorable passage from a Ben Jonson’s Volpone, I play I’m studying for a final research paper. In it, Sir Politic Would-Be’s diary is read aloud:

Peregrine: “Item,

I went and bought two toothpicks, whereof one

I burst immediately, in a discourse

With a Dutch merchant ‘bout ragion’ del stato [‘reasons’ of state].

From him I went and paid a mocenigo [coin],

For piecing my silk stocking; by the way,

I cheapened sprats…”

Faith, these are politic notes!


Sir Politic: Sir, I do slip

No action of my life, thus but I quote it. (IV.i.138)

One might imagine the intrigues of a spy to be more intriguing than purchasing toothpicks and socks, but Sir Pol is a spy would-be, and his furtive affairs are, it turns out, not so furtive.

I’m afraid it’s been a socks and toothpicks kind of day for me, too. I don’t have a heavy class load today, so I’ve been trying to get ahead on work and enjoy the sun at the same time (the two are proving to be harder to balance than I expected). I’m also working two hours at the Writing Center helping read essays. Lots of pieces of final papers and projects coming in.

I’ll have more to add about this tomorrow (once I’ve worked on it more), but I’m also working on an iPhone app for a scholarship. You have to write the entire app in a week, so I’m scrambling to put the finishing touches on it before I send it in Thursday. The app is supposed to detail yourself and your resume – it’s a cool idea – make your resume an iPhone app. Maybe one day it’ll be standard practice for programmers.

That’s all for now. Check in again tomorrow for another update. I’ve got a lot scheduled, so hopefully there’ll be no more politic would-being.

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