A Week of Blogging: Post 1 of 7

Ok, I know this is a bit unusual, but I’ve been meaning to try something different with my blog. I plan to blog once a day for the next week about what’s going on day to day at Puget Sound. I’m trying this out for a couple of reasons:

1)    This is a daily-life blog, and maybe a quick post each day will say more about daily life than I could do in a long post.

2)    Finals are coming up soon, and if I don’t do this now I won’t be able to when I descend into the abyss of final paper writing and exam studying (I exaggerate – but I have surprisingly more free time than I expected pre-finals).

3)    Probably the most important reason – it’s been far too long since I last blogged, and I hope that I can make up for all the missed posts by affording my readership a few extra nuggets of student life information here.

So now I’ve made a promise to blog for the next week. If you’re an admitted student still deciding on Puget Sound, hopefully you’ll get a better taste of Puget Sound daily life before May 1st (and good luck to you on the exciting decision!). And if you’re a member of the Puget Sound community, hopefully this will give you another angle of Puget Sound daily life to consider.

I’ll start today’s post de jûre by talking about a few recent (and upcoming) campus events I’ve been meaning to blog about. The Senior Thesis Festival has been going on for the past few weeks and I saw its penultimate production last night. It was really powerful and got an immediate standing ovation. The Senior Thesis Festival is a series of full-length productions directed and designed by graduating seniors in fulfillment of their senior thesis requirement. It’s entirely student designed and acted, and it’s also a great opportunity for the campus community to see several full-length productions each week for a month.

Some other recent and upcoming events of interest: Acclaimed baritone Sherrill Milnes is coming to campus tomorrow for a talk and masterclass, and I look forward to seeing it! On Friday, renowned philosopher Noël Carroll gave a keynote address on comedy and morality to kick off Puget Sound’s very own undergraduate philosophy conference. Earlier this year, Bill Cosby came to campus to perform stand-up; his performance played in our largest venue and sold out. I was lucky enough to attend a talk by Buzz Bissinger, author of Friday Night Lights earlier this year. And finally, earlier this year I saw Alan Menken, composer of most of the Disney films and Broadway musicals like Little Shop of Horrors and A Sister Act, in an inspiring free interview and performance in Seattle. It’s been quite a year for events in and around Puget Sound.

That’s all for now – feel free to check out my posts tomorrow and the rest of the week!

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