Glancing back at 5 semesters

It’s been forever since I’ve posted, so there’s a massive amount of information that I would love to share with our readers.  In the interest of time and readability, here’s a snap-shot of what I’ve gotten myself into these last five semesters.  This will give y’all an idea of the incredible opportunities that college life gives you.

I’ve taken classes in these departments… liberal arts all the way!

  • International Political Economy
  • Politics and Government
  • African American Studies
  • Economics
  • Comparative Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Communications
  • Art
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Business & Leadership
  • Humanities
  • Foreign Language and Literature
  • History

I’ve been involved with these clubs… and slotted in one year as an ASUPS senator!

  • UPS FC (club soccer)
  • Black Student Union
  • Safe Men
  • Model United Nations
  • Model Arab League (founded spring 2013)
  • Puget Sound Outdoors
  • ASUPS Senator At Large; Club Liaison Director
  • KUPS talk show host

… and I’ve been raking in the dough working at these places…

  • Residence Life RA
  • Diner Employee
  • Trail features reporter
  • ASUPS Lectures Programmer
  • American Friend of UNRWA intern (Washington, DC)
  • National Council on US-Arab Relations (Washington, DC)
  • Mint Roofing summer employee (Minnesota)

I’ve been to a number of conferences and events, including…

  • UC Berkeley Model United Nations
  • UC Santa Barbara Model United Nations
  • Model Arab League – Georgetown University
  • Rotary Youth Exchange orientations in Victoria, BC
  • Race and Pedagogy National Conference
  • Numerous lectures and performances sponsored by ASUPS and other endowments like Swope, Chism, Pierce, and many others.
  • Council on Foreign Relations – conference calls with the P&G department
  • Brown bag events with the IPE and P&G departments
  • Palestinian Liberation Organization conference for college students
  • AIPAC lectures
  • Brown bag lunches with reps from UNHCR, UNDP, the UN Millennium Project, UNRWA, and the IAEA
  • Generation Prague Conference – State Department
  • The Jerusalem Fund lectures
  • Foundation for Defense of Democracies lectures
  • National Council on US-Arab Relations lectures and site visits to Saudi, Palestinian, Bahraini embassies, and others
  • and others… there are too many to list here.

This post wouldn’t be complete without tipping my axe to Puget Sound’s students, faculty, and staff.  I’ve had the privilege of getting to know many (but not nearly enough) of the people here.  I’ve spent most of the past few years racing around in a thousand directions, soaking up everything around me, but the community here is my foundation.  I always look forward to heading back to them.

Whew… not bad for 5 semesters, eh?

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