Post-Grad Limbo

Graduate life is a very interesting thing indeed. For me, break was a much needed time to catch up on the sleep I missed during the last few months of school; two hours per night is not enough to survive for very long. But it is enough to make it through a thesis and other piles of work (all of which I passed, thank you very much). Other than sleep, there was a lot of filling out job applications, playing with my niece and nephew, getting overly frustrated while playing Super Mario with my mom, and an untold amount of crafting and knitting.

But now I’m supposed to be a real life person and that is a hard thing to do when:

A.) You are in close proximity to your friends

B.) Your friends are still in college

C.) You still haven’t pinpointed what careers float your boat

D.) You don’t have a job yet

E.) Your job hunt grinds to a halt due to the Snowpocalypse 2012 (also known as six inches of snow and too much freezing rain)

Luckily for me, I have faith in liberal arts education. I have faith in the skills that I have, and I’m working on it as hard as I can. I’m applying for jobs that interest me. I’ve had a few interviews and I’m hoping that something will shake out. I’m learning to be extremely organized and attempting to become more aggressive. And I am appreciating the time I have to work through other projects. I suppose post-college limbo isn’t really so bad. And at some point, I have faith I will emerge into some kind of real-life that I can really enjoy.

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