Time to break out the galoshes

The infamous Washington rainy season has begun. That means rain jackets, rain boots, and people squeaking down the hallways as they walk (which means that if you’re late for class it’s considerably more noticeable).

I finally decided to get some new rain boots last week to replace the ones I used this summer with the rather annoying leak. They came just in time, before the misting turns to heavier rain. When I walk around campus and it’s raining, I like to see what kind of rain boots other people are wearing. It’s pretty common to see plain black and floral patterns.

Mine are in the middle. They have sea gulls on them!

Midterms are also coming up; actually I had one “midterm” last week and another on Wednesday. But the best part of midterms is what comes after…fall break! Which just happens to be in 2 weeks. Until then though, I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied. Studying for that exam, doing some stats homework, volunteering with Phi Sigma (biological sciences honor society) at Puget Creek, and maybe heading up to Seattle for a Sounders game. Busy busy!

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