“My Year In Lists”

Give it a listen 😀 Los Campesinos!- My Year in Lists

Lately, I’ve been writing lots of lists for two reasons: 1) they help me gather my scatter-brained thoughts and 2) I love the satisfaction of crossing something out. Especially now, as I am less than a week away from heading to the beautiful (based on what I’ve seen in photos) Pacific Northwest. In fact, I even added Tacoma to my iGoogle weather page, just to see exactly what I’ve gotten myself into.

My lists have consisted of things I need to buy for my dorm, paperwork I needed to mail out, payments to be made, and even a little reminder to get my midnight showing Harry Potter tickets.

Now, as my time in Southern California melts away under the heat that I will so dearly miss, and my room begins to look a little more empty from day to day, I can’t deny the nerves but I also can’t ignore how ecstatic I am to see new places, meet interesting people and have a reason to wear rain boots (which I still need to get, by the way).

However, I have been thinking about the things I will miss from my home state. First and foremost, my amazing family, the people I love and can always talk to. But, some of them have promised to visit and of course I will hold them to that! And to my friends, who are staying local and going away, I can only hope they are as happy about their upcoming adventures as I am.

Next, the gut-busting food from The Hat, mostly their cheese fries and horchata. But perhaps, leaving this one behind is for the best. Thinking about it, it’s really the small things that I will miss. Waking up to the morning traffic on the 710 freeway, fighting with my sister for taking too long in the shower, getting yelled at by my brother for being in his room watching Netflix, going to gigs in East L.A. and taking the Metro wherever.

I’ll miss all these things and more, but I’m a firm believer in the saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder.’

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