Springtime and the Living is Easy

SPRING BREAK OHLEVEN!! That’s right, I have reached the halfway point of my final semester at Puget sound: Spring Break 2011. Nobody would know it, though, since we had thunderstorms in Portland (home) yesterday, and typically rainy grey weather today. I must admit that I’m jealous of my friends in Hawaii, Mexico, Arizona, California, New York, Iceland, and London (although those last three locations probably aren’t particularly sunny). But, it’s also nice to have nothing to do all day and just chill with my dog, Lucky.

I guess “nothing” isn’t totally true. On Monday, I drove out to Southeast Portland to pay a visit to Buffalo Exchange. If you have never been to this store, then I am simultaneously happy and sad for you. Happy because, well, it’s too easy to spend too much money in there (because it’s a thrift store with REALLY good clothes… so it’s hard to say “no” to a $15 Banana Republic dress, if you know what I mean). Sad because I literally manage to find something perfect every time I go there. This time, I found a dress for our Gamma Phi formal later this month, a graduation (!!!) dress, and then two others that will just be fun to wear. In SE, I also went to the Waffle Window and had one of the best snacks/meals of my ENTIRE LIFE. But, really!! It was a waffle (which was delicious on it own) with bacon, brie, basil, and apricot jam. Four things that you wouldn’t expect to go together, but it was (pardon my sensationalization) life-changing. So, after Monday, the expectations for the week were high. Yesterday, I visited my mom at work, where she’s a middle school math teacher. I helped run two brain games during class. Today, she’s doing an “open mic” day where her students can show goofy YouTube videos or perform card tricks, etc. Is it just me, or is my mom the coolest teacher ever? On Friday, I’m going on a day hike in the Columbia River Gorge with one of my friends from Puget Sound. I’m hoping for less rain and some GREAT views!

I have also been busy (well, “busy” in Spring Break terms…) with a few things in my down time. With 8 weeks left until graduation (59 days), I’m turning my attention to job applications. I’m applying to undergraduate Admissions positions all around the country, and am really excited about the possibility of that job. At this rate, I’ve submitted my resume to a few people but have not heard back from anyone. I’ll keep trucking until I get good news. 🙂 The second thing keeping me busy has been planning for the Gamma Phi 50th Anniversary on the 26th. We will be celebrating the “birthday” of our chapter; we were chartered at Puget Sound in 1961. I am our chapter’s Alumnae Relations Chair, so it’s been neat to communicate with our alums and it will be even cooler to have a lot of them in one place later this month. The third thing keeping me busy is Relay for Life! Our event is only 45 days away and I’m still hopeful that our numbers (teams AND money) will keep increasing as teams get their acts together and start raising more money… and as clubs start to sign teams up. Here’s hoping! We are also planning for good food/entertainment/etc. of the event. It’s a lot of work, but will be totally worth it when Relay is here.

One more exciting thing that I’m involved in is a “Student Web Team” to make our online presence better for prospective students. We are making new videos for the YouTube channel, and also helping with the admitted student chat boards. Since students began getting their acceptances yesterday, the discussions are just starting, and it’s so much fun to see the excited future Loggers (and answer their questions)! It’s crazy that the Class of 2015 is starting to form, but neat to see that the future of Puget Sound is in GREAT hands!!

Tonight, it’s back to the Spring Break pace… I’m going to enjoy it while I can!

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