The Best Internship Ever

This semester I’m lucky enough to be taking Robin Jacobson’s class on local politics. And congratulations to her for her new baby! There are about 12 of us in the class and we’ve each been given an internship with a local non-profit or sector of the city. I’m extremely happy with my placement to be working with the community garden program under Kristen McIvor for the next couple months.

Theo, Andy, and Forest in front of their new compost bin at the school community garden on n. 17th and Alder

The community garden program and hired coordinator are both new to Tacoma. The job of the program is to support the gardens that are already in place and help establish new gardens throughout Tacoma and Pierce County. The program also has a great web site that is has a lot of wonderful information and forums that ya’all should check out for your local-eating needs:

Hilltop Community Gardens, Community Garden Program, and Food not Bombs

For this semester, I’ll be helping Kristen out by writing profiles for the web-site, networking with other partners through Tacoma about the garden project, as well as working to get a better gauge of who in Tacoma/Pierce County is gardening.

I’m super excited to be working in the city this semester, and will have lots of garden related to posts in the future. In the mean time, here are some pictures of community gardens around town.

Great garden in a beautiful neighborhood...

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