Bucket List

In the season of new year’s resolutions and the panic of my pending graduation, I’ve developed a bucket list for my final months at UPS. I’ve crossed some of them off my list already—but it looks like I’m going to have quite the semester if I’m going to get these crossed off!

Attend a Concert at the Gorge– Some of the best musical artists come to play at this natural amphitheater, and its so close to Tacoma! However, this may mean that I have to wait until Sasquatch festival in May… THEN SO BE IT!

Fireside Dinner with Ron Thom– CHECK! I got to spend a lovely evening in Ron Thom’s on-campus house with amazing food and great company. Everyone should be trying to get into these dinners since they are amazing.

Wintergrass Festival- I went my freshman year, and had so much fun. This year, the festival is in Bellevue on February 24-27 with some amazing artists (crooked still, sam bush, Pearl Django) and I can’t wait to go (carpool anyone?) http://www.acousticsound.org/

Volunteer at Mother Earth Farms –I’ve been getting pretty into the community garden project and am focusing my senior thesis on community gardens. Through my research, I’ve met Carrie Little of Mother Earth Farms out of Puyallup who is one of the most amazing women I’ve met. All the produce from the farm goes to the Emergency Food Network. If that wasn’t cool enough, she also works with the women’s prison who work for college credit on her farm. Basically, I want to be her. http://www.efoodnet.org/Page11.aspx

Ski Stevens Pass-I’ve skied snowqualmie, crystal and baker, but am yet to hit up Stevens pass and this just has to happen before May. http://www.stevenspass.com/

Hot Springs – Some rugged treks in the wilderness to clothing optional soothing water in the middle of evergreen forests has been a Washington dream of mine… I’ve heard about Gamma, Olympic, Wind River, and Goldmeyer hot springs.

Eat at Pho King—I miss Vietnamese Food, and I’ve heard they’re the best. On MLK next to Second Cycle.

Swim Jones Fountain– Enough Said.

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