I’m sick…again

So instead of attempting to start the mounds of homework that are piling up, I thought I would write a little post, because then I can write about anything I want, instead of the depressing subject of unemployment and overpopulation in Cairo. Besides, I’m sick, yet again, so reading Elyachar’s opinion on the Egyptian economy ┬ámakes my head hurt. You would think being sick in college would be nice, since you can just skip class instead of having to force your mom call in sick for you. However, it’s kind of the opposite. Missing class is not fun, because then you have to make up homework for the night before class, then get notes from class, and then still do the homework for the next class on time. Professors can be pretty understanding, though. Last time I was sick, one of my Comparative Sociology professors helped me revise an essay that I had tried to write while I had the flu. I can assure you, it was a terrible essay. Nevertheless, she met with me to discuss it and allowed me to make some changes and turn it in the next day, and I, surprisingly, ended up doing pretty well on the paper. Also, the people CHWS (Center for Health and Wellness Services) are really great to go to if you get sick. They have free cough drops, Advil, etc., and they can let you know what exactly you have so you know how long it will be until you get better. You can also get flu shots there, as well.

Even though it can be a bit depressing to be sick without your mom (or dad) around to make you soup and take you to the doctor, I have had so many people ask me if they can get me anything. People seem to genuinely care here. I know I am probably being pretty cheesy, but I am really appreciative of the friends who get me chicken noodle soup and who ask me how I am feeling each time they see me. Anyway, all I am saying is, though missing class does suck, I wouldn’t be too worried about getting the flu miles away from home, because friends (and CHWS, I guess) can also make being sick a little better than you would think.

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