By Zoe Brinner ’23
CES Peer Advisor

In honor of Career Development Month, we’re taking a deep dive into one of the best ways to gain confidence in your career path… informational interviews. 

Four blog posts will guide you through the topic: 

I recently completed an informational interview with chiropractor and Logger alumna Dr. Cydney Keller ’09.

I wanted to learn about the chiropractic industry, the day-to-day routine, the transition from college to graduate school to working as a chiropractor, as well as her experience of pursuing a career in a health field as a graduate of Puget Sound. 

We had a wonderful Logger-to-Logger conversation, which has informed this blog series. Each post includes a guide to one aspect of the informational interview process, along with highlights from my conversation with Dr. Keller.

If you have any questions about informational interviews, please reach out to me. I’m happy to chat!

Image by Savannah Gossard ’24
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