futuramaWinter is coming (it really is…) and that means some well-deserved time away from school to relax with friends and family, reconnect with people who are important to you, and eat some delicious homemade food!

This time of year could also mean questions galore about your major choice, internship prospects, and your future. Spend a few minutes reflecting on the past semester and your interests during your drive/flight/train ride home to help you prepare to answer these questions!

“What are you going to do with a major in _____?”

Focus on what intrigues you about your major and why. If you are continuing to explore careers, you can share how the skills you’re developing as part of your liberal arts education apply to the professional world. Writing, research, analysis, and problem solving skills apply to many different jobs! This is also a perfect time to use your informational interviewing skills and ask your family questions about their career paths or if they know of anyone working in fields of interest.

“What are your plans for after college?”

This question may come from a genuine place of curiosity, but can become tiresome if asked from one person to the next within the same evening. Go into the conversation as if each person is the first to ask the question.

Talk about different fields that appeal to you, or what your current path is as you job search. You may find that this person/relative/friend has a connection working in the industry or for the organization you’re most interested in that they could potentially introduce you to.

“When are you going to apply to grad school?”

If it isn’t in your plans yet, talk about the reasons why you want to start your career (such as building your experience and getting exposure to a path that is best suited for you.) If you are still exploring grad schools, talk about aspects of the programs that interest you.

“Your cousin Vinny is studying ___ and found an internship!”

Take a deep breath. Everyone is at different place in their career development, so remember not to measure yourself against others. Respond by saying that’s awesome – that maybe you will reach out and chat with them about their new opportunity.

Keep calm and know that CES is here for you! Career advisors are available during the academic year and after finals (until December 20) and are back in 2017 on January 3!

RebeccablogheadshotRebecca Pettitt, CES Career Advisor and Internship CoordinatorRebecca enjoys helping Logger students discover opportunities that provide enriching experiences during college and prepares them to start a rewarding career. Outside of work, she likes to spend her time staying active with kickboxing, trapezing, or training for her next half marathon.

Photo Credits | Rebecca’s head shot: Ross Mulhausen
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