The beginning of fall semester is my favorite time of year! The energy you bring to campus inspires us all to start the year off strong. I’m so excited to welcome you (back) and I can’t wait to hear your stories about summer adventures, jobs, and other experiences.

Fall is a fresh opportunity for you to challenge yourself academically, pursue leadership opportunities, become engaged in the Puget Sound community, and unleash more of the potential you hold!

Whether you’re a first-year student or starting your senior year, set on a career path or exploring your options, ask yourself, “What are some goals I would like to accomplish this year?”

As a career advisor, my goal is to help you make the most of the year with a plan that is individualized for your needs.

In Career and Employment Services (CES), we truly understand how everyone’s path is shaped a little differently because each student offers their unique strengths, talents, knowledge, and passions—all which are valuable to the workforce.

We’re here to support you as you build career competencies: marketing yourself to the best of your ability, finding opportunities that will help you grow, and understanding the value of your accomplishments. From job/internship searching to building connections to interviewing, these steps will help you find and accept a position that is a good match for your skillset and aspirations.

So, where does your career development fit into all the new excitement at the beginning of the year?

After you visit Point D, Ice Cream Social, and Skakabrah, drop by CES. Grab your favorite beverage from Diversions and come chat with me about making your goals a reality.

I look forward to meeting with you!


Rebecca Pettitt, CES Career Advisor and Internship CoordinatorRebecca enjoys helping Logger students discover opportunities that provide enriching experiences during college and prepares them to start a rewarding career. Outside of work, she likes to spend her time staying active with kickboxing, trapezing, or training for her next half marathon.

Photo Credits |  Ross Mulhausen
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