Logger alumni are blazing trails and sending back reports from the world beyond Puget Sound so that current students (you!) can benefit…

AEmily Masangcay ’14: “As a very recent graduate, I have been told numerous times that the first ten years of your career has a monumental impact on the future growth, development, and potential of your career.

Take control and be intentional with your career early; you truly do get out what you put in.”

What are you putting in to building your network? Attending Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Night and using the ASK Network are great places to begin connecting…

Ken McGill ’61: “85 – 90 percent of jobs are obtained through networking. Connecting with Logger alumni through the ASK Network is an easy way to start that activity early and gain practice necessary for a lifetime.”

Jamie Nguyen ’11: “Networking events like ASK Night are amazing. Especially when it’s in a safe and comfortable environment. But not all cases are like on-campus events. It’s important for students to know that being assertive gets you results. And remember that everyone you encounter could potentially be a networking source.”

Laura Coe ’10: “Network, network, network! Keep in contact with those you meet, and leverage the Puget Sound Alumni community.”

Jenn Adrien ’02: “Talk to lots and lots of people. Do the follow up! I gave my card to about a dozen students at ASK Night, each with a specific thing to follow up with me (i.e. a potential connection or organization to join). Of those, only 1 has contacted me so far. The sole student who contacted me now has an alumna friend for life.”

Cheryl Miller ’05: “The connections you make with everyone in your journey—both personal and professional—may create unexpected opportunities for you down the road.”

Amy VanZandt ’06: “Students should be sure to follow-up on the connections they make. At ASK Night, alumni give out business cards to forge connections…so if you have a good chat with an alum, send them a message to thank them, remind them of what you talked about, and keep the conversation going. That alum will be more likely to share job opportunities, etc. if you keep in touch.”

Ready to forge connections with Puget Sound alumni?

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Kris Hay, CES Communications Coordinator: “When I was a kid, I wanted to write for Saturday Night Live. But I’ve matured…now I want to work on the Daily Show!”


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