Have you had a summer job, or worked part-time during college? Maybe you’ve done temp work, held an internship, or volunteered regularly? If so, we salute you!SEM

College jobs provide you with lots of perks. From career exploration…to higher GPAs…to being more highly sought after by employers once you graduate.

In celebration of Student Employment Month, we invite you to consider your college jobs. What did you like, dislike, and learn from each experience?

At a recent CES Weekly Table, some of you shared your thoughts about your work experience. Your observations are insightful and sometimes hilarious:

Job: Coaching Sports
Liked: Flexibility with summer time
Disliked: Dealing with small children/teenagers!
Learned: Time management

Job: Information Center Assistant
Liked: Everything. My boss, my co-workers, the environment…
Disliked: That I’m graduating and can’t do it next year.
Learned: How to work in a team, communicate effectively, provide great customer service, and behave in a professional manner

Job: Church Pianist/Organist
Liked: Student-friendly hours—weekends and week nights
Disliked: Nothing!
Learned: It pays to practice your instrument!

Job: Campus Tour Guide
Liked: Meeting prospective students
Disliked: Sometimes there are no tours scheduled, so I don’t get paid.
Learned: Communication/interview skills

Job: OT/PT Assistant
Liked: Working with kids
Disliked: Working with kids
Learned: On the balance, I don’t like working with kids.

Job: Library Circulation Desk
Liked: The people I work with
Disliked: Working early shifts
Learned: It’s my first job, so I’ve learned a lot, but mainly that I can succeed in the workplace.

Job: Caddy
Liked: It was chill.
Disliked: Nothing
Learned: How to caddy

Job: Catering
Liked: Co-workers and free food
Disliked: The outfits
Learned: Customer service

Job: Farm Assistant
Liked: Working in the field
Disliked: It was really hot in Grandview Idaho last summer.
Learned: The importance of hard work

So, what have you gained through your work roles? If your knee-jerk response is “nothing,” pause to reconsider. Every job teaches you something, even if it’s “I never want to do that again!”

Want help filtering and translating your part-time job duties into marketable skills on your resume? CES can help you celebrate your college work experience!

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