Tonight at the Tacoma Dome…an internship!

One of the world’s largest wood-domed structures, the Tacoma Dome is a venue with the flexibility to host a diverse range of speakers, concerts, and events.

From Archbishop Desmond Tutu, to Walking with the Dinosaurs, to Monster Truck Jams, to Lady Gaga, the Dome has done it all.

What does it take to produce programs and events like these?

As a Marketing Intern for the Tacoma Dome, Kevin Nuss ’12 has the perfect opportunity to find out!

During a recent visit to CES to ask about pursuing his internship for academic credit, Kevin offered to share a bit about what he’s learned working “backstage” at the Dome.

CES: What does your internship at the Tacoma Dome entail?

Kevin: I assist the Marketing Department with planning and executing marketing functions for all of the events taking place at the Tacoma Dome. This can mean many different things, and there have never been two days that I’ve worked on the same projects.

Some recurring tasks include taking and booking group ticket orders; working on mass-email blasts, social media sites, and the Tacoma Dome website; helping coordinate various aspects of the venue’s VIP club; and working nights of major concerts and events to help out wherever I’m needed.

CES: How did you find this internship?

Kevin: A couple of my friends had done this internship in the past, and I always heard about how much they loved it. So I got the contact info for the right person to talk with at the Dome from one of these friends, went in for an interview, and the rest is history.

CES: What are you learning at your internship?

Kevin: I’m learning all about what goes into putting on a major event. Between marketing, ticketing, operations, finance, and many other aspects, there are a ton of things that go into one successful concert night. I’m learning quite a bit about the marketing side of things, and getting some useful exposure to the other fields as well.

CES: Is this helping you with your career exploration or decision making?

Kevin: Yes; it’s absolutely indispensable. On top of all the practical experience, I’ve discovered that I would definitely do this for a living. It’s been really nice to be able to sort of test drive a career in the entertainment industry, seeing firsthand what it’s all about. Luckily, I’ve loved every minute and it has reinforced my choice of career path.

CES: You’re pursuing your internship for academic credit; how does that enhance your internship experience?

Kevin: Being able to combine my academic experience with a workplace environment has proved to be really interesting. On the surface of it, you wouldn’t think there would be too many connections between college course material and a job like this, other than maybe a marketing course. However, the internship seminar at Puget Sound has forced me to look at my time at the Tacoma Dome on a deeper level, and recognize many similarities in the underlying ideas behind both worlds.

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Tacoma Dome Exterior: Atomic Taco
Tacoma Dome Interior: Kevin Nuss
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