A mock interview is just like a real job interview, but it’s safe! And it’s one of the very best ways to prepare for employment interviews.Crash Test Dummy

You’ll gain the most from the experience if you treat it like an actual interview. But relax! No one is expecting you to be perfect.

It’s not possible to crash and burn in a mock interview—it’s just a practice run with someone who wants to help you present your best self so that you can be confident and successful when you interview “for real.”

A recent Puget Sound grad shared this advice:

“Focus on honing your interviewing skills. Whether it’s setting up a practice interview or going over things to say in your head, going into an interview blind is just about the worst idea. My number one tip for interviewing would have to be coming up with thoughtful questions to ask the interviewer. Questions that really demonstrate your knowledge of the field, your desire to work for them etc. will be a big plus.”

CES can help you practice answering interview questions, and also discuss potential questions to ask your interviewer. Don’t wait for a Mock Interview Day. Contact CES to schedule an appointment.

Mock Interviews are an opportunity to:

  • Practice with a CES team member who wants to help you succeed.
  • Learn what is expected in a real interview, in a specific industry.
  • Get honest feedback that will help you improve how you present yourself.

Buckle up and crash test your interview skills. You’ll be glad you did.

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