You’re probably already familiar with InternshipLink, the shared internship database of the Nationwide Internships Consortium (NIC), available to students through the Career and Employment Services (CES) menu item on Cascade. As a founding member of NIC, the University of Puget Sound partners with 17 other colleges to bring a broad range of internship listings to Puget Sound students. With more than 7,000 internships currently posted, you can search for opportunities across the country or in your hometown in a variety of industries and job functions.

That, in and of itself is pretty exciting. But wait, there’s more!

Beginning this week, NIC launched a partnership with the Liberal Arts Career Network (LACN) which doubles the number of opportunities available to students—more than 15,000 opportunities annually (including some entry-level positions). Top industries represented by NIC and LACN include those of interest to Puget Sound students—nonprofit, communications/media, arts and entertainment, environment, consulting, and health care, among others.

It’s easy to access both systems. Simply log in to the CES resources page, select InternshipLink and log in for access to the NIC system. Then, the key is to look for the LACN and NIC logos. Look for the “jump back to your school” menu on the right. Click on the LACN logo to switch into the LACN system. Once you’re there, look for the “jump to” menu item to return to NIC/InternshipLink.

Hold on…there’s more!

If you peruse both the NIC and LACN systems and still don’t find anything that is a match for your interests, or you find your dream internship and want to make sure that you have stand-out application materials…take advantage of the CES team. We’re here to help you find and successfully compete for opportunities.

Oh yes…you know it, there’s more!

Internships are just one way of gaining career-related experience. Part-time jobs provide an excellent means of making money while building marketable skills. Check out LoggerJobs, InternshipLink’s sister database, for part-time, temporary, seasonal, and hiring immediately job opportunities.

Just one last thing…

Internships come in all varieties – paid, unpaid, for-credit, not-for-credit. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of an academic internship, check out the Internships for Credit: Dispelling the Myths blog post.

Okay, that’s it (for now). Happy Hunting!

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