Attending the Career Fair? You should! Career Fair arial view

Yes, all Puget Sound students should… whether you have no idea what you’re seeking or are excited to meet with one particular employer, there’s something for everyone at the Career Fair.

Many students tell us that they don’t attend the Career Fair because they don’t feel “prepared.” They are missing out! The Career Fair provides an opportunity for students to meet face to face with employers.  Whether you are learning about the employers who are there, seeking a specific job, or just practicing your networking skills, employers want to meet you. Still, you may be wondering:

What can I expect at the Career Fair?

Employers: You’ll see recruiters (and often Puget Sound alumni) promoting their organizations and opportunities they have available for full-time, part-time, and internship positions.

Job postings: Employers will have a variety of positions available. Don’t make assumptions. For example, retail employers are likely hiring for positions other than sales. Large corporations may have many positions available beyond what you might expect.

Career exploration opportunities: Still figuring out what you want to do? Great! The Career Fair is an excellent way to learn about possibilities. Employers enjoy talking about what they do so feel free to ask them questions about their organization or job.

CES staff members: If you have questions while you’re at the Career Fair, look for the CES table.  CES staff members will be available to answer questions about approaching and following-up with employers.

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What might give me an edge in today’s competitive market?

Be prepared: Review employer participants ahead of time.  Knowledge of the organization and why you would be interested in working for them will help you stand out.

Dress appropriately: You don’t have to wear a suit, but it’s not a bad idea to do so. Dress slacks or a skirt with a button down shirt (and tie for men) is appropriate. Visit the CES Guide to Professional Style for tips.

Bring your resume: Developing a resume that clearly showcases your skills and experience will help you connect with opportunities. Make an appointment, or visit CES during Drop-in Advising Hours for a quick resume critique.

Be ready with a memorable introduction (aka: elevator speech): When you approach an employer, make eye contact and shake their hand as you say hello. Let the employer know a bit about you and why you are interested in their organization.

Follow-up: Collect business cards from recruiters at employers that interest you and send them a thank you note. This common courtesy will help you stand out and provides you an extra opportunity to reiterate your interest in the position/organization.

There’s truly something for everyone at the Career Fair. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Photo: Ross Mulhausen