Year 48

1935: The Witch of Wall Street: Hetty Green

Author/Editor: Boyden Sparkes & Samuel Taylor Moore

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The Witch of Wall Street: Hetty Green is a biography of Henrietta Green, at one time the richest woman in America. She was a shrewd business woman and anecdotes of her frugality border on the ridiculous (such as she ordered only the hems of her dress to be washed to save on soap). She also prided herself on her fair approach to lending and investing; she is quoted as saying, “… the … thing I am proudest of in my whole business life is that I do not take, that I never took in all my life, and never, never! will take, one single penny more than 6% on any loan or any contract”.  For many years she worn the same black dress and bonnet and this combined with her sharp tongue and strong personality, earned her the title, The Witch of Wall Street.

This account of Hetty Green’s life examines her influences and portrays not just her public character, but also her family life and personal story.

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