Welcome to 125 Years in the Stacks – a look at Puget Sound through the lens of its library collection.   We have collected 125 books, one for each year the University has been in existence, starting in 1888 when the founding fathers lead by Methodist  Bishop Charles H. Fowler established the university in Tacoma.  The 125 books represent the diversity of our collections and together reflect the changing social and cultural norms of our nation.  Don’t expect the most important 125 books published in the last century.  Our selections are as unique as our history!

Thanks are extended to all the library staff and Puget Sound colleagues that contributed content. Each entry was selected and annotated by someone at the University. We couldn’t have done the project alone!

This project was inspired by the work of librarians at MIT. Thanks are extended to the librarians at MIT for graciously allowing us to use the template and format developed for their 150th anniversary celebration.

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