Year 33

1920: Tacoma Invites You, Summer and Fall Tours


Find it in Collins Library!

Touting the beauty and attractions of Tacoma and the Puget Sound region, Summer and Fall Tours: Tacoma Invites You provides a snapshot of a growing community and local industry. Contemporary political topics are hinted at, such as the Mount Rainier/Mount Tacoma name controversy, with the author declaring, “…but what care we: To Tacomans, in whose dooryard lies this wondrous work of nature, it will ever be Mount Tacoma.”

In the poetic introduction, C. E. Stevens sums up the message of the entire brochure: “When from out of chaos nature formed and shaped the earth she had in vision two wondrous creations: One, the Garden of Eden – Paradise Lost; The other, Puget Sound, the Garden of the Gods – Paradise regained.”

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