Year 17

1904: The History of the Standard Oil Company

Author/Editor: Ida M. Tarbell

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Image courtesy of Biography Resource Center

This book, by Ida M. Tarbell, was listed as No. 5 in a 1999 list by New York University of the top 100 works of 20th-century American journalism.  She is widely known as one of the best journalists of her time.  A graduate of Allegheny College, Tarbell’s work sets the standard for investigative journalism with her remarkable research and fact-checking still a benchmark in 2013.

This publication is one of the great examples of the muckrakers of journalism.  The term muckraker refers to reform-minded journalists who wrote largely for popular magazines, continued a tradition of investigative journalism.  McClure’s magazine supported the work of Tarbell and the Standard Oil reports were originally published in the McClure’s magazine.

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