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Bike Racks

Need more Bike Parking MORE BIKE LOCKS!!! People are starting to block handicap ramp because there’s no room for bikes. Let’s be sustainable! Thanks! Need my space for bikes!!! More bike racks, please. More places to lock bikes!!! Please get … Continue reading

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Noise on the 2nd floor

It would be great if there was a staff member on the 2nd floor that was charged with controlling noise levels. People can become very disruptive and difficult to quiet without legitimate authority. We will continue to be attentive to … Continue reading

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Library Hours

Library hours need to change back to 2am now! Closes too early. Please leave 1st floor w/comps open until 2 I love Collins Library. So much so that I cannot believe it is closing at midnight! I know this has … Continue reading

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Please put better ventilation in study rooms. It’s to(o) hot. …Needs air-conditioning (too hot) It’s way too hot in here! Temperature is always hard to calibrate, and we’ve heard a lot of concern from you recently and in the past. … Continue reading

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Printing kiosk?

You should set up a designated computer for students to print things, like how the mail room has a computer set up explicitly to look up your combination/package number. I couldn’t turn in my pre-lab today because all the computers … Continue reading

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Update on Printing and Lab Computers from Technology Services

We’ve received a lot of feedback about printing since the beginning of the semester. We have a guest post from Cindy Riche,  Director of Client Support & Educational Technology Services to address your concerns. Hi, all!  I just wanted to … Continue reading

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Study Carrels on Mezzanine

I have written every 5+ page paper since Spring of freshman year at the big desks in the music section.  Now I am a senior and they are gone.  I would like to see more individual study spaces outside of … Continue reading

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Learning Commons Screen

While most everything about this library is superb, I find the TV in the 1st floor computer area to be an unnecessary distraction. I’m not sure if the intention of playing CNN all day is to engage students with world … Continue reading

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