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Happy Holidays

We’ll be back after the break with more comments, requests, and responses! Hope you have a great break and a good 2012!

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Do You Take Volunteers? We often have students working on special projects or fieldwork assignments. Check with your liaison librarian or the library director, and we’ll see what can be done!

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I heart the library

I “heart” the Library! We do as well! Thanks for letting us know, and we’re so glad you are happy with our collections, staff, services, and space!

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Books on Running Marathons

You’re most recent book on running marathons is from 1996.  Can we get something a little more recent? We sure can! I’ve ordered a couple of more updated books. Our main goal in collecting books is to support the curriculum, … Continue reading

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Front table outlets

Please fix the outlets on the front tables These outlets are 11 years old and we understand they they need to be repaired.  Once we identify a vendor that can fix or replace them we plan to do so.   … Continue reading

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Music Cataloging

PLEASE organize the CDs by genre or alphabetize. I would love to find music without having to search the online catalogue. Thank you for your comment. We agree that browsing CDs by genre would be easier than searching the catalog. … Continue reading

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