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New print system

New printing service is too slow; need to print many things. We are continuing to adjust the settings on the release station.  We hope to add the option of releasing several prints jobs at once, but it may not be … Continue reading

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Squeaky front doors

Please oil those squeaky “front” doors! We’ve passed this on to our building team, and hopefully soon they’ll be quiet front doors!

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Almost like Hogwarts! Thank you.  We’re glad you like it.

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Kiosk questions

Can we get rid of the info kiosk? It seems kind of weird to have a sad-student “information kiosk” right next to the front desk, where one can ask a person for information. Also, I personally think that the info … Continue reading

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Very helpful

[This student] was very helpful today in helping me with the printer. Thank you for letting us know.  We will pass the message on to the individual.

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Print Queue

Please bring back the print queue for the Icommons printers!  It’s really hectic with people digging through huge stacks of paper and the printer spewing out more. A new print release station is up and running.  While we are still … Continue reading

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Text a Call Number

the send via text message feature on simon is awesome! We’re glad you think so! Thanks for spreading the word that you like it. Haven’t used it? Try it out by searching Collins Catalog and look for the link to:Send … Continue reading

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