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Long Login Time

Why the heck does it take so long to log on to this computer?! Several factors can affect log on time — age of the computer, size of your network profile, problems with the computer itself or problems with the … Continue reading

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Hot Water Feedback

THANK YOU FOR THE HOT WATER! Pretty sure I’m not alone when I say thanks for keeping me awake 😉 You’re welcome. We’re glad you’re enjoying it! We are finding it pretty spiffy too. 🙂

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Spring Break Surprise

Now that you’re back from spring break and, we hope, re-filling the library after a quiet week, we hope you’ll be glad to know that you can re-fill your tea mugs. The hot water tap you’ve asked for so often … Continue reading

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Turn the Heat Down

Please turn the heat down! We have received many comments about the temperature in the Library.  Puget Sound facilities staff are working all the time to find solutions to the temperature fluctuations in the Collins Library. Unfortunately, there is no … Continue reading

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Talking too much

Don’t feel afraid to smack the people who talk too much We think there is a law about that… not to mention some ethical objections. So while we don’t ever advocate smacking, we certainly do encourage you to ask library … Continue reading

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Confidential to…

the person who left us a comment about the restroom in 141—we called facilities, and they’re working on it as I type!

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Commercials on the Digital Screen

Don’t play commercials in the library – super unclassy. Great image for prospective students. The Library has access to cable and on occasion will broadcast news and other relevant programs associated with major news events.  We can’t control commercials that … Continue reading

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Food and microforms

thank you so much for letting us have food and allowing us to have scanning system for microforms! You rock! Thank you very much!

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Printers: A double feature

the 2nd printer doesn’t print double-sided page and allow users to choose which printer to send to We’ve been settling our new printer in to the Learning Commons, and it should have the same capabilities as the first printer. Printing … Continue reading

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