Collins is Listening – Why is it so hot in the library?

Why is it so hot in the Library?
The library building is very unique and the HVAC is difficult to regulate.  We are aware of the many different “climate zones” in the building.  We are hopeful that the temperature will soon be regulated.

I don’t like the printing and scanning services?
Tell us more?  It is hard to respond to a comment like this.  If you need help, library and technology staff are here to help you!

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Print double-sided

Set all the computers to automatically print double-sided documents.

All of the computers in the Learning Commons should automatically print double-sided.  Please alert library staff to the specific workstation not printing double-sided by default, so we can adjust the settings on that computer.

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“Thick” Bostich Stapler is defective.  Get a good used old one.

We have found that the stapler works well and the problem is most often that patrons are not pushing the stapler down completely when using it.  Not using it correctly causes the stapler to jam.  We have put labels on the stapler instructing users to push the handle down all the way.

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Move some scanners back downstairs – they are in use as general stations far too often!

We received lots of input from students wanting more scanners upstairs.  We will continue to monitor the use of scanners and make sure signage is posted on some of the scanners indicating priority use for those actually scanning.

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Round tables

Where did the big round tables on the 1st floor go?  I think many students prefer tables to comfy chairs or desks, and the front room can be very noisy.

Thanks for taking the time to share your comments via the We’re Listening Form

The round tables are still in the library!  We just moved them to take advantage of the natural light.  The round tables are located in the corner of the Learning Commons near the window.  We have added some white boards to the space as well.   Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Please have a sign at the computer ATTACHED to the scanner so students who are not using the scanner will be aware that OTHERS need the scanner functionality : (

Thanks for the suggestion.  We have done just that.

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Get More Scanners instead  I have Been waiting 2 Days to scan stuff and Please have more than 1 scanner in the learning commons.  When tech Services is closed its the only one on campus.

There are additional scanners in the Tech Center and we will consider how we can add additional ones in the Learning Commons.

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Photos in the Library

I fell uncomfortable with people taking pictures of me, which they seem to be doing for this photo survey.  It makes me not want to use the library/study here.

For a short period of time we conducted a use study of the library.  We are recording how the library space is used at different times of the day and what takes place in various spaces.  We will use this information as we think about new ways to configure spaces in the library and add new equipment and furniture.  The photos are not to be used for publication and are for internal purposes only.

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Evening Tech Support

A night time tech person would make things a lot better and I’d really appreciate a nightime (sic) tech-person!  Computer problems are worse late @ night & NO ONE knows @ night!

It is difficult to respond to comments without some more specific information.  Are you having difficulty with equipment, software, Vdesk, using resources???  Let us know.

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Big Stapler

Can we please get the big stapler back?

As you may have noticed, staplers (both big and standard) do not remain in working condition for very long in the library.  Due to the cost of the big staplers, in conjunction with their short life-span, it is cost prohibitive to continue to purchase them.

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