We asked the Class of 2018 to share insights—Logger to Logger—about their career development process. They haven’t been gone from campus for very long, but their perspective from that very next stage can be useful to Logger students who are still in the midst of their college years—exploring options and making plans for their own futures.

Anna Crean ’18
The Spur Group

How did experiences during your time at Puget Sound contribute to your career path?

I studied abroad, held positions of leadership, and completed three internships. Studying abroad made be become a creative problem solver. Leadership roles taught me about my strengths and weaknesses. And internship experiences gave me insight into the career opportunities available for recent undergrads.

I knew I didn’t want my education to stop when I left Puget Sound. I wanted to be challenged in my career just as I had been during college. My liberal arts education armed me with the critical thinking skills necessary to begin my career in consulting, where problems are often ambiguous or cumbersome.

What did you learn or what insights did you gain through your work with CES?

During my senior year, I was a frequent flyer at Career and Employment Services (CES)! The detailed edits I received on interview materials and follow-up was important during my job search. Through their help I found out about unique opportunities and learned how to best position my experience and strengths to grab the attention of recruiters. 

By taking CES’ quarter credit course, “Career Awareness,” I learned how to tell a story that incorporated my experience, passion, and strengths. I then practiced my elevator pitch in real life situations at Career Fairs.

Career Fairs and CES—sponsored field trips to local companies, most notably Amazon, allowed me to practice techniques I learned in the classroom on recruiters. Through exposure to a number of different types of companies—through field trips, Career Fairs, and ASK Night—I gained a deeper understanding of the opportunities available to me. 

Photo courtesy of Anna Crean
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