Would you remove your shoe for the sake of your career?

When Rusty George held up his right shoe and encouraged Puget Sound students to do the same, he was illustrating a point about consumer behavior. Some students promptly removed their shoe, while others hesitated. Eventually, nearly everyone was waving their shoe in the air.

This exercise matches how we approach anything new and unusual. A few innovators dive in, eager to try the new thing. Recognizing the benefits being enjoyed by the innovators, early adopters join up, followed by an early majority. Then a tipping point is reached, when the remaining majority signs on.

When it comes to your career development and figuring out what you want to do after you graduate from Puget Sound, take off your shoe. Take it off. Right. Now!

Whether you’re in your first or final year at Puget Sound, take action to innovate your future…  Attend career-related events, talk to alumni about their career paths, and take advantage of the resources available to assess your interests, explore options, gain experience, and hone professional skills.

You don’t have to have it all figured out by the time you graduate—lots of people don’t. It’s not uncommon to take a meandering journey or to hop from project to project for years. Even so, if you make the most of your opportunities at Puget Sound, you’ll have a great base of experiences and contacts, and possibly a good idea of what direction you want to head after graduation. You’ll be better prepared to pursue a creative, productive, satisfying professional life. So don’t hesitate. Take off your shoe.

Puget Sound students toured Rusty George Creative in downtown Tacoma where they heard from Rusty George about the wide range of careers possible in the field of branding and advertising.

Ready to innovate your future? CES is here to help!

Photo Credit | Kris Hay
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