By Jake Nelko

You just attended a Career Fair and met some interesting organizations. Good job! Meeting employers is an important step in figuring out where you’d like to work and what you’d like to do beyond Puget Sound.

Interested in pursuing opportunities with Career Fair organizations and wondering what to do next? Here are some things to do after the fair to keep your job or internship search moving along.

1. Today: Email recruiters individually to thank them for their time.

  • Mention one interesting thing you spoke with them about. This can help them remember who you are.
  • Tell them your next step, i.e. applying for a job with their organization this week (or later this semester) or following-up with them via email about a job you discussed.
  • Didn’t get a business card from the recruiter you met? Contact CES Employer Relations Manager, Sue Dahlin, for their email address.

2. Within a few days: Connect with recruiters via LinkedIn.

3. Within the next few weeks: Apply for jobs or internships with the organizations you met.

  • Find a position of interest on the organization’s website or in Logger Jobs.
  • Email the recruiter to let them know you’ve applied and re-iterate your interest in their organization and roles.
  • Ready to brush up on your interview skills? Contact CES for a mock interview.

Photo Credit | Kris Hay
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