Over the years, CES staff members have offered tips and tricks for navigating the inevitable “What are you going to do after you graduate?” conversations around the Thanksgiving holiday table. In honor of this festive (and filling) holiday, we offer you a plateful of blogs designed to set you up for success this Thanksgiving season:

T Day tablePut on your career cap! CES Manager of Employer Relations, Sue Dahlin reminds you that you’re already on your career path. You never know where ideas about your future might pop up—perhaps as the internal thermometer pops out of the turkey!

Building a Web of Connections: CES Associate Director, Alana Hentges provides strategies for making networking happen. See if you can use one of these strategies during Thanksgiving dinner!

Turning the Tables (Make the most of family connections!) Lizzy Mosher, (former) CES Peer Advisor (and now recruiting professional and Alumni Sharing Knowledge Network volunteer), provides strategies for leveraging your family network—the network of individuals most invested in your success.

Prepared for Dinner: (former) CES Peer Advisor Enrique Vargas (and now a professional communications specialist) shares his perspective on heading home for Thanksgiving and facing questions about his future.

One Small Step: In honor of National Career Development month, Sue Dahlin boils down career development into its simplest form—Assess, Explore, Act. She offers easy, small steps you can do now, or over Thanksgiving break, to help you think about life post-graduation.

Need help strategizing how to answer tricky turkey talk questions about career? Wondering how to use Thanksgiving or Winter Break to advance your career exploration or job search? Thankfully, CES is here for you. Stop by before the holiday to prepare (we’re here to help you through the end of the day on Wednesday, Thanksgiving eve)…or after you return to digest, er, process.

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Photo: Nicole Lee
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