Each year CES works hard to gather a diverse group of organizations and opportunities at the Puget Sound Career Fair. And like a bowl of the perfect party mix, this year’s event has something for nearly everyone.

Want management training programs? They’re in the mix. There are at least 4, including:

Cintas: Known as “The Uniform People,” Cintas is a leading services provider for businesses throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. They’ve been on Fortune’s list of “Most Admired Companies” for 10 consecutive years.


Panda Restaurant Group: Yes, it’s the fast-food Chinese food chain, but these opportunities are about far more than flipping stir-fry. Panda Express Managers start at $43-55K, and receive bonuses based on their store’s profitability.

Interested in living and working abroad? 7 organizations list opportunities around the world including:

The Peace Corps: Participants serve in over 70 countries in the fields of education, health and HIV/AIDS, business, IT, the environment, agriculture and youth development.


The JET Program: Participants live and work in Japan for a year as either Assistant Language (English) Teachers or Coordinators for International Relations.

Technology your thing? Several employers speak to their use of technology or are looking for people with tech experience—even the Peace Corps needs IT expertise—but 4 specifically identify themselves as tech companies. Here are two you won’t want to miss:

Internet Identity, headquartered in Tacoma, combats and mitigates cyber attacks against banks, government agencies, financial services firms, e-commerce companies, social networks, and ISPs worldwide.


Tableau Software is one of the fast-growing technology companies in the world and is consistently ranked as one of the best places to work in Washington state.

Looking for internships? 16 organizations offer part-time, full-time, or summer internships including two with a strong commitment to customer service:

Columbia Hospitality, recognized as one of the best places to work in Washington State, is a premier hospitality management and consulting company that focuses on creating exceptional experiences for their guests and team members.


Nordstrom, one of Washington’s largest employers, Nordstrom is offering their 2013 Retail Management Internship.

Need a part-time job? 9 organizations offer part-time opportunities including:

Maxim Healthcare—Behavioral Health provides in-home health services and specifically mentions that they are willing to work around your class schedule.

Campus Point, a resource dedicated to helping college students and recent grads find jobs and internships, works with all majors but is especially interested in students with business, IT, and engineering backgrounds.

Seeking a full-time position? 26 organizations offer full-time opportunities. Make sure you visit:

Cambia Health Solutions, previously known as The Regence Group, is a non-profit “dedicated to transforming the way people experience the health care system.”

Expeditors International, another one of Washington’s largest employers, is a global logistics company with over 13,000 team members working in 250 locations across 6 continents.


The City of Tacoma, our beloved home, is Washington State’s third-largest city and employs approximately 3,700 people in a wide range of careers.

Visit the Career Fair webpage to see the complete list of participants. It’s a good mix!

Don’t see your dream employer? Not all organizations use Career Fairs as their primary method of recruiting. Drop by the Fair to talk with a CES team member or visit us in Howarth Hall to discuss strategies for connecting with employers that you want to mix with.

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