Puget Sound alumni know what it’s like to stand in your shoes…
trying to envision life after college…
gathering experiences, skills, and connections that will hopefully lead to a satisfying professional life…
embarking on an internship or job search…

Along the way, and as they’ve pursued careers beyond Puget Sound, alumni have gained wisdom that you can benefit from.

One group of alumni, the Alumni Council Career and Employment Services Committee (ACCESC), is particularly focused on fostering alumni-to-student career connections, partnering with CES to support students as they stand up and begin to stride out into the professional world.

What advice does the ACCESC have for how to stand out at the Career Fair?

No matter what your year in school, attend the Fair!
“I didn’t attend the Career Fair until my junior and senior years when I got serious about figuring out my next step. But the Career Fair is a great way for first or second year students to explore options, make connections, and start to build a plan.” Lacey Leffler ’03

Also, you can find internships and summer jobs at the Career Fair, whether this is your first or final year in school!

Keep an Open Mind:
“One of the biggest benefits of attending the Career Fair is to find out about the different kinds of roles organizations have. I was surprised by what I found when I talked with the representatives, and I know people who found roles with organizations they hadn’t expected to find.” Lacey Leffler ’03

For instance, did you know that Target has a management training program? They recruit for opportunities other than retail sales.

“Research the organizations that will be in attendance so that you know something about them—their history, current projects, etc. This will help you feel more comfortable and appear more professional.” Shannon Hughes ’92

“If you want to be memorable, know something about the company.” Wes Jordan ’74

Start your research with the Career Fair Participant List.

Nervous? Seek out alumni!
Puget Sound alumni often attend the Career Fair to recruit students on behalf of their organization. Because you share a common educational experience, alumni are especially easy to talk to. Need a lead-in? Ask how their Puget Sound degree helps them in their current role.

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Thank you to Shannon Hughes ’92 (Chair), Dr. Wesley Jordan ’74, and Lacey Leffler ’03 for all you do to support students’ career development as Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network volunteers and members of the Alumni Council Career and Employment Services Committee.

Photo: Kris Hay
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